Management Team

Byron Alderman BA, MPhys, PhD, MIET, MIoP, currently combines his role as a Principal Engineer in the Millimetre Wave Technology Group at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), part of the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) with his responsibilities as CEO of Teratech.

In 2004, Dr Alderman established a dedicated Schottky GaAs fabrication facility at RAL. This is now the premier facility in Europe for fabricating THz Schottky diodes. Devices fabricated in this laboratory are used worldwide, in a range of commercial products. He also manages a number of ESA funded research programmes and is the coordinator of the FP7 programme MIDAS. Dr Alderman is well known in the THz communities within the UK, US and China.

He was the Chairman of the 2nd UK/Europe-China Workshop on THz and Millimetre Waves in 2009 and co-chaired the first and third in the series of these workshops. To date, Dr Alderman has (co-)authored over 50 papers in scientific journals and international conferences.

David Matheson BSc, PhD, is currently advising Teratech on Business Development and future Strategy. Between 1986 and 2011 he was in charge of the STFC-RAL Millimetre Technology Group, and initiated the development of Schottky diode technology at RAL. His interests include the development of millimetre and sub-millimetre detector technology for ground based, airborne and space applications at frequencies between 100 and 3,000 GHz.

Dr Matheson has been responsible for numerous novel component developments (including sub-harmonic mixing technology), as well as receiver studies and associated hardware development for remote sensing. These include the AMSU-B humidity sounder, the HSB sounder and ESA LEO/GEO post EPS satellite mission studies. Recently he has been responsible for the development of the MARSCHALS airborne simulator instrument and played a leading role in developing the UK technical involvement in the STEAM-R millimetre wave limbsounder instrument proposed for PREMIER.

Hosh Sanghera BSc, is Teratech’s Engineering Manager, a full time role with responsibility for managing the Schottky diode fabrication process.  He graduated from the University of Surrey with a degree in Opto-electronics and has subsequently worked for a number of prestigious UK electronic companies, including Phillips Research Laboratories, GEC-Marconi Caswell, Bookham Technology and Qudos Technology Limited.

He is expert in all aspects of the development of GaAs devices, including sub-micron lithography, transferred substrate and other semi- conductor processing technologies, and has wide experience of working for a diverse set of academic and commercial customers.

Mr Sanghera joined Rutherford Appleton Laboratory as a visiting Scientist in 2005 and has been principally responsible for the development of air-bridged Schottky diode technology at RAL.  He is currently engaged in a number of EU and ESA programmes (Including the FP7 programme MIDAS) to develop integrated Schottky technology circuits.

Jeff Powell BSc, PhD, has worked as a designer in the field of microwave and mm-wave design for more than 19 years.

From 2001 to 2011 he was a Principal Engineer in the MMIC and mm-wave packaging group at QinetiQ, UK.  Jeff has designed more than 50 MMICs, hybrid circuits and modules for radar, electronic warfare and communications applications.  He has lead teams delivering MMIC chipsets for mm-wave radio transceivers, transmit/receive modules for airborne radar and modelling/RF design for GaN process development under the European Defence Agency’s Korrrigan program.

Dr Powell has (co-)authored more than 50 journal and conference publications and two patents.

Angus Adams-Cairns BSc, is Teratech’s Component Engineer, a full time role which includes the fabrication of Schottky diodes, testing and assembly of components.  He graduated from the University of Bath with a degree in Natural Science.


Lynn Donoghue BSc, MRSC, is Teratech’s Fabrication Engineer, a full time role encompassing all aspects of fabricating Schottky diodes. She graduated from the OU with a degree in Natural Sciences (Chemistry), and has experience of semi-conductor processing techniques having previously worked at Bookham Technology.
Andrew Whimster MPhys is Teratech’s Fabrication Engineer, working on the assembly and testing of components. He graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in Physics.